About Us

Pride & Pepper is a small but growing online retailer of premium shaving and grooming products located in the beautiful city of Vancouver on the West Coast of Canada. We were born from the idea that the traditional wet shave technique is not only incredibly economical, but a great way for men to engage their grooming ritual. Get a finely crafted stainless steel safety razor in your hand, and lather up that pure badger shaving brush with some classic shaving soap you'll see what I mean. It's more than grooming, it's a ritual.

We're always on the lookout for new and innovative products for our store. If you have any suggestions, send us a note with some info: sales@prideandpepper.com.

Pride: we believe men should take pride in their appearance. If you own a beard, take care of it. And if you don't, shave. Cleanly.

Pepper: find your scent, make it your own. The right product in the right amount leaves a lasting impression.