Welcome, Les Industries Groom!

Posted: Mar 30 2015

We're truly happy to have Groom's incredible line of shaving and grooming products on our shelves. Just the kind of thing we love - hand made in small batches using careful blends of premium ingredients, created with one eye on the past and the other in the here and now.You can find all their wares in our New Arrivals section.

Here's their story:

Three friends from varied backgrounds, searching for the best possible products for men’s grooming, joined forces in 2013 to create Les Industries Groom. The core idea of Groom is to create products for men of uncompromising quality. Our whole line has been developed, tested and handcrafted in our Montreal workshop using only the best of natural ingredients. We use no paraben, artificial fragrance, colouring agent or petroleum derivative; only ingredients from nature selected for their exceptional properties. Everything is made in small batches as to guarantee freshness and quality.

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